Lightbox – an on demand TV service launched into New Zealand. To help with their launch, they approached Bloggers Club a New Zealand based blogging network. Bloggers Club challenged 56 of their blogger influencers to curate and share the best TV shows on the platform with their audiences.

What We Did

Nudge measured over 30 pieces of content published across the network. We surfaced this information in real time through our online dashboard, which allowed comparisons between the content.

The Results

Throughout the campaign, we were able to surface insights in real time through the Nudge dashboard so that Bloggers Club could continually check in on the campaign and make agile decisions to reach their targets.

  • Identified their hardest working piece of content within 2 days of publication so that Bloggers Club could promote this post to increase reach. In fact, promoting the hardest working post with just 1% of the overall budget increased the Bloggers Club campaign reach by 7%, helping to deliver against client objectives.
  • What time of day and day of the week that audiences were biggest so that Bloggers Club could continually tweak their campaign time line.
  • The top social platforms across the campaign for both shares and earned impressions back to the content.
  • A blog post which made up for 35% of the entire reach of the campaign.
  • Top performing content styles across the campaign.

This is from using Nudge across just one campaign. Running Nudge continuously across all paid content campaigns allows for true internal benchmarking that measures return on investment and also identifies brand, audience and blogger insights.


“Having Nudge as part of our campaign gave us live data that we wouldn’t normally get from bloggers, which in turn helped us to give advice to bloggers ensuring their content had a positive ROI. Nudge has given us the ability to be able to compare bloggers using a fair measurement tool”

– Rochelle Shaw, General Manager at Bloggers Club


You can download the PDF version of this case study, here.