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Nudge partners with OutBrain

We’re excited to announce our partnership with OutBrain. What do they do? Links to your content appear as recommendations at the bottom of articles on top publisher sites where people are looking for something new to discover. OutBrain facilitates this. This means we’re able to use Nudge to help optimize and leverage your content campaigns. […] Read More

by , April 16, 2014

Use Cases

Cross Domain Analytics

One neat thing about Nudge – is that it works across domains. Say you’re running a Content Campaign across three different domains, we simply give you code for each of them. Then the data from each is automatically pulled into your Nudge Dashboard. As easy as that. Read More

by , April 2, 2014

Use Cases

Are you refusing to do influencer marketing?

My name is Ben Young and I’m the founder of Young & Shand. We’re a digital agency who build products.  Nudge is the name of the product we’re currently launching in the US market. As the name suggests, myself and Duncan Shand started the company. I’m here in New York expanding the business and Duncan […] Read More

by , April 2, 2014

Strategy & Tactics

The shift in thinking: Content is back

The internet zigs & zags, it always does, between two paradigms. Winning through technical innovation or winning through creative innovation. When you’re first to a platform just playing there you can win, as it matures you’ve got to get creative with it to win. Marketing has been shifting on to social platforms, doing the creativity […] Read More

by , February 28, 2014