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How Nudge helps SAAS

Software as a service companies live in a digital world, The difference in 20 seconds can be the difference between signing up or not. Nudge helps SAAS companies uncover what is engaging current and prospective customers by measuring attention.

Whether it’s on content marketing, websites or landing pages. Or even the actual product. Nudge helps uncover when customers are being engaged, with attention, scroll & drop off metrics. Take it a step further and optimize traffic sources, to ensure traffic quality.

Find the times of day and days of week when customers pay the most attention. Improve the top content, and lift the bottom performers. To help with engagement, conversion and SEO efforts.

All in an easy to use dashboard, that anyone on your team can use. Insights helps create reports and derive actions to be taken from the data.

SAAS have used Nudge to

  • Measure their content marketing.
  • Optimize their paid distribution, PPC, social & programmatic.
  • Measure landing pages & microsites.
  • Measure branded content & content partnerships

All these and more, analytics plays a role in every project.


Benefits for SAAS


Improve conversion rates.


Gain better understanding of performance.


Quickly highlight areas of improvement.


Prove out ROI.

Compared to other tools

  • Installation is fast and low config. Enter domain and add code.
  • Get fancy with custom events, reports & APIs.
  • Supported by a free tier to experiment and prove out business cases.

Read more on How Nudge compares.

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Reference our Metrics & Terminology.
Using a piece of javascript that gets added to your websites code.