Bloggers Club, Influencer Marketing specialists recruited and engaged 8 of their bloggers to create multiple pieces of content for the VISA #notatourist campaign. The #notatourist global campaign gave people a closer look into different locations around the world including insider tips, restaurants, bars and anything else a local may know. Allowing people to become travelers and not tourists.

visa case study background

Our Objective

Prove how paid influencer content can drive results for Finance brands. KPIs:

  • Reach
  • Attention
  • Engagement


What We Did

Nudge aggregated the data across the 19 pieces of content published across the network. We surfaced this information in real-time through our online dashboard, which allowed comparisons between the content.

Client on the Nudge dashboard

The Results

visa case study results
By integrating Nudge, Bloggers Club were able to consolidate the data across all pieces of content to fully understand (in real-time) the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Which pieces of content (and influencers), received the highest: engagement, reach and attention.
  • The value in their social shares: Across this campaign, shares drove 28% of the campaign reach (on average across the nudge network we see shares account for 18% of the reach).
  • The most valuable social network for both shares, earned impressions and attention.
  • How brand mentions effected; native bounce, engagement, and attention.
  • That the engagement rate for the campaign came in at 22% higher than the average engagement for Finance campaigns.


“Having Nudge as part of our campaign gave us live data that we wouldn’t normally get from bloggers, which in turn helped us to give advice to bloggers ensuring their content had a positive ROI. Nudge has given us the ability to be able to compare bloggers using a fair measurement tool” – Rochelle Shaw – General Manager at Bloggers Club


Download the PDF version of this case study here.