Whilst working with digital agency Barbarian, GE launched “Drop Science,” a music track produced by DJ Mathew Dear. The track sampled sounds from some of the world’s most powerful machines manufactured by GE. Accompanied by a YouTube video documentary, the track launched on SoundCloud, and both rapidly spread across the Internet and around the world.

From previous campaigns, Barbarian knew it faced a challenge not only in measuring the large amount of content produced for campaigns like these but also in the need to quantify a substantial investment.

What We Did

Nudge measured the campaign over a mix of 70 different owned, earned, and paid content websites. We surfaced this information in real time through our online dashboard, which allowed comparisons between the content.

We didn’t stop there, though. Both during campaign launch and at key moments, we provided daily reporting to provide GE insight and inform direction. This included comparing engagement across SoundCloud and BuzzFeed, monitoring how content was performing on mobile devices, and identifying earned media opportunities. These activities helped arm Barbarian with data to make better decisions.

At the end of the campaign, having all the data in one place was a huge benefit to the reporting process. With Nudge on board, Barbarian was able to expedite a comprehensive overview of the campaign, understanding owned, earned, and paid content. Never before have brands been able to understand their performance in a content-led campaign across so many channels.

The Result

By integrating Nudge, GE was able to consolidate all data across all pieces of content on all channels to fully understand the reach and effectiveness of the campaign.
Sharing exact insights would be telling, but we can share that we found the following:

  • How the content compared to other influencers content, thus providing a benchmark.
  • That the campaign peaked at 6 people per second.
  • The top social platform for mobile engagement and which content formats performed the best on each
    device type.
  • The best social networks for spreading of the content and also which performed better intrinsically.
  • A new social content app which was driving up to 19% of earned impressions.
  • The monetary value of earned impressions from sharing.
  • Which past executions were the most effective.

And finally which social networks work best for owned, earned and paid content.

This is from just one campaign. Running Nudge continuously across all campaigns allows for true internal benchmarking that measures return on investment and also identifies brand and audience insights.


I would recommend Nudge reporting for campaigns that extend across multiple platforms and destinations. It was integral to our entire team and helped the client understand just how successful our campaign was, in which channels, and why.

– Colin Nagy, Executive Director, Media & Distribution, Barbarian Group

You can download the PDF version of this case study, here.