Content Marketing

The challenge of paid content distribution

Content distribution networks do what they say on the label, they distribute your content so you get more eyeballs on it. The big challenge – which everyone wants to know is, what are the quality of those clicks? Often they can be cheap, come from a variety of sources, from high end publishers to viral […] Read More

by , January 13, 2016

Native Advertising

Why Nudge is the right tool for native

Traditional analytics have been built for optimizing websites, not necessarily content. Even then they’re not comprehensive enough for clients demands. Have you ever found yourself spending hours on a simple request from a client for a report? This post explores the features you need from your native analytics tool so that you can prove ROI […] Read More

by , January 12, 2016

Content Marketing, Native Advertising

Native advertising vs Sponsored content

You’re here, because you want to know the difference between native advertising and sponsored content. Sponsored content has existed for a long time now, starting off as advertorials, and paid posts on bloggers sites. With the rise of BuzzFeed, who popularized and largely scaled the model, sponsored content has fallen in to the bucket, as […] Read More

by , January 11, 2016

Content Marketing

If you’re using Time on Page, to evaluate content you’re doing it wrong

Time on Page, measures when you arrive on a page and when you click off, the difference between those two. But what happens is that with a bounce rate of 30-40%, or even higher on amplified content (70-80%) that calculation is done off a small percentage of the visitors to the content. i.e. take this […] Read More

by , January 11, 2016


This Week in Native Ads 01/8

Campaigns of the Week: Here’s How to Uncap Real Flavor in your Kitchen with Wooden Cap Recipe Hacks Source: Eater Why we like it: This campaign on Eater for Cholula hot sauces, is a great example of how CPG brands should approach native content. Rather than just sponsoring a section of a site, make your brand […] Read More

by , January 7, 2016