Nudge Video Solutions

According to a recent Time Inc study, two out of three consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising.
This led to brands doing nearly three times the amount of Native video and display, in H2 2016. On top of that, we know that 72% of Generation Z wants video to better explore a story or data.
So, we know that native video is important, but what does success look like?
Marketers are left in the dark without data.

How Nudge Helps

  • Enables marketers to independently verify the views and completions of their video buys.
  • Ensures you’re reaching the right audience with demographics.
  • Proves video success with attribution.

“I would recommend Nudge to any agency or vendor. Clients want relevant performance metrics and actionable insights for the often significant spends associated with bespoke content creation. Nudge delivers this.”

Harry Inglis, Campaign Manager, Protein

How It Works

  • Connect us with your partner.
  • We add Nudge tracking to the content.
  • Log in to Nudge to view data in real-time. Export.
  • Extra: for Attribution, add a pixel to your clients site (works via Floodlight).

“With Nudge we were able to track better than we have in the past. And to see which initiatives were most effective.”

Clorissa Comer, Content Supervisor, Spark Foundry