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Three Ways Mobile Impacts Your Content

1) Load time is life and death If your content doesn’t load fast you lose the user. This is an invisible tax you’re already paying but not realising. Slow load time can result in as high as 50% drop off in people intending to read your content and actually doing that. 2) People scroll slower […] Read More

by , July 20, 2016

Native Advertising

103 Native Advertising Tools to Explore in 2016

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the native advertising tools out there. This list is useful for agencies, brands and publishers. We’ve broken them down in to four categories. Content – Content Creation – Content Recommendation – Content Marketing & Amplification Platforms – Native Ad Platforms – Mobile Native Advertising – Native Ops – […] Read More

by , January 28, 2016

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Sponsored Content Examples

There’s a lot of sponsored content circling the web today, and here are some of my favorite examples of sponsored content and why I like them. Mouth-watering reasons to visit Adelaide An article written with wit and compelling description invites you into this urban paradise Adelaide in southern Australia. Well-written paragraphs combined with colorful and […] Read More

by , January 19, 2016

Native Advertising

Definition of Native Content

What is the definition of native content? Definition: A piece of content that has been commissioned or paid to be placed on an external website with the view that the content fits and the form and function of where it exists. The criteria making it native is that: It is designed to fit in with the publisher […] Read More

by , January 18, 2016

Nudge News, Use Cases

How to track & measure paid content with Nudge

So, you’re probably looking for a solution, that goes above and beyond what your core analytics suite has offered, to track and measure your sponsored content. And this is exactly what Nudge has built, a purpose built toolkit for tracking, measuring and optimizing your paid [native] content. Traditional analytics have been built for optimizing websites, […] Read More

by , December 8, 2015