Content Marketing

5 Tips to Optimize Native Content Campaigns on the Fly

  All successful native advertising campaigns have one thing in common – premium content.   However, there’s a misconception that once content has gone live, you can’t improve your outcomes.   As soon as your native content goes live you need to continuously analyze performance data in order to understand what is/isn’t working, and why. […] Read More

by , April 6, 2017

Use Cases

How Publishers Activate Nudge

  Activating Nudge is easy.     Schedule a call with a Nudge account manager to learn more. Read More

by , March 31, 2017

Use Cases

How Agencies Activate Nudge

Activating Nudge is easy.     1. Agency emails publisher, CCs in Nudge account manager 2. Nudge account manager, liaises with publisher and activates 3. All set!   FAQ’s – Have you worked with my partner before? Nudge’s across hundreds of accounts each month. It’s Highly likely we have worked with your partner before. If […] Read More

by , March 31, 2017

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 3/31

The thread of conversation this week with more advertisers pulling back on Google is: Quality quality QUALITY! Today, the NYTimes released this story around how Chase reduced its targeting from 400,000 websites to 5,000 to get the same result. Give it a read. This is just good, smart marketing, finding what works and doing more […] Read More

by , March 30, 2017

Use Cases

Measuring Purchase Intent with Nudge

  Rooted in the family tree of predictive analytics, you find purchase intent.   In today’s digital world, purchase intent is now an actionable measurement.   By identifying purchasing behavior and which steps of the buyer journey that drives real, tangible value, you’ve got the information you need to set some very clear targets to […] Read More

by , March 29, 2017