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What is Native Content Advertising?

Native content advertising is where you use native ad formats to distribute your content. Our post The Best Native Ads of 2015 has some great examples of best in class executions, further we have compiled a list of native advertising tools you can leverage. You might be wondering, how does native content complement my content marketing initiatives, […] Read More

by , February 18, 2016

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Native Advertising Analytics

Nudge as a platform has specialized in this use case of distributed native content, you are either buying native content across multiple sites or programmatically and want better advertising analytics. The challenge is in understanding performance, antiquated metrics like Bounce Rate & Time on Page don’t fairly reflect engagement. As you are most interested in […] Read More

by , February 18, 2016


This Week in Native Ads 02/12

Campaign of the Week: 11 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Jet-Setting Couple Source: Bustle Why we like it: It’s February, the month when nothing seems to happen and you’re dreaming of warmer places and adventurous summer getaways. You scroll through your social feed and envy the couples that seem to have the perfect jet-set life, […] Read More

by , February 11, 2016

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Three Platforms that allow Content Retargeting

Content retargeting is a new tool in the content marketers toolkit, recently I covered how to retarget your content and thought worthwhile to share which platforms allow you to retarget content. OutBrain recently announced with their platform you can. Utilizing their recommendation widgets to get more eyeballs on your content. RevContent also allows you to […] Read More

by , February 9, 2016

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What is Content Retargeting?

You’re here to find out what is content retargeting Content retargeting is using retargeting advertising to show groups of content to people who have already read or engaged with your other content. It allows you to manage your content funnel a lot more effectively. For example: Someone reads your thought leadership piece. You then retarget […] Read More

by , February 5, 2016

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 02/05

Campaign of the Week: It’s Not Too Late to Host an Effortless Game Day Party Source: Serious Eats Why we like it: Hyped about the upcoming Super Bowl 50-Party? Want to make it perfect but afraid you don’t have the time? No worries, this sponsored piece on Serious Eats by Boxed has got you covered. It’s […] Read More

by , February 4, 2016

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How to Measure Branded Content Success

Measuring the success of branded content is not as hard you may think. I like to try boil it down to three things. 1) How many people did I reach 2) What was the quality of that reach? 3) What did they do next? Our approach at Nudge, is to help simplify your job, we […] Read More

by , February 4, 2016

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 01/29

Campaigns of the Week: Discover the Hidden Beauty of New York with Paul Jung Source: Design Milk Why we like it: In this piece of content brought to you by Range Rover and Design Milk, New York based photographer Paul Jing takes you on a trip around his favorite city. Showing angles and views sometimes hidden […] Read More

by , January 28, 2016

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3 Tips to Improve your Native Content

I was reviewing a bunch of Nudge campaigns this morning – and wanted to share three quick things that can be done to improve. Headlines Headlines Headlines Headlines need to be punchy, that doesn’t mean short but a bit more direct in what the user is going to get. Content Length Don’t be afraid to […] Read More

by , January 28, 2016

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 01/22

Campaigns of the Week: The Ultimate Guide to Cognac Source: Thrillist Why we like it: Cocktail recipes, history and cognac 101 – this sponsored article brings you everything you need to know about this french-originated brandy. This piece is featured in Thrillist and presented by cognac brand Rémy Martin. It’s smartly divided into three different sections […] Read More

by , January 21, 2016