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If you’re using Time on Page, to evaluate content you’re doing it wrong

Time on Page, measures when you arrive on a page and when you click off, the difference between those two. But what happens is that with a bounce rate of 30-40%, or even higher on amplified content (70-80%) that calculation is done off a small percentage of the visitors to the content. i.e. take this […] Read More

by , January 11, 2016


This Week in Native Ads 01/8

Campaigns of the Week: Here’s How to Uncap Real Flavor in your Kitchen with Wooden Cap Recipe Hacks Source: Eater Why we like it: This campaign on Eater for Cholula hot sauces, is a great example of how CPG brands should approach native content. Rather than just sponsoring a section of a site, make your brand […] Read More

by , January 7, 2016

Native Advertising

How does native advertising work?

Native advertising is ads that are designed to fit the form and function of the websites they exist in. You can see some examples here. How do they work? For in-feed type ad units, the campaign set up process goes like this: A URL or piece of content is put in to a native ad generator, […] Read More

by , January 7, 2016

Native Advertising

Not all native advertisers should do content marketing but…

Not all native advertisers should do content marketing but all content marketers should do native. Why? If you are doing content marketing, you reach a point whereby you need a fresh audience, new eyeballs on what you’re working on. That’s where native works really well, to bring in distribution (through in-feed) and context/relevance through buying […] Read More

by , December 28, 2015

Native Advertising, This Week in Native Ads

The Best of the Best Native Ads 2015

It’s been a big year for native advertising and the content which drives the industry. Each week we feature a campaign of the week, so we thought we’d end the year with a summary of the best of the best we’ve seen. Most Creative: Cocainenomics by WSJ for Netflix Netflix & WSJ smashed it out of the […] Read More

by , December 17, 2015

Content Marketing

Why Content Marketers Should Pay Attention to Attention Minutes

Have you ever woken up in the morning, rolled over, opened Facebook and clicked a few links? Chances are you have, and if you’re like me, you read and hit the back button. Scroll and click another link. Or, you’re on your computer, open a million tabs, and read the content later. Only to close […] Read More

by , December 16, 2015

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 12/11

Campaign of the Week: GP100 – Excellence. Innovation. Craftmanship Source: Gear Patrol Why we like it: Creating a native gift guide for Christmas is an ideal way to bring value to readers during the holiday season. This gift guide from Gear Patrol presented by Eddie Bauer includes the top product picks of the year. It includes an […] Read More

by , December 10, 2015

Nudge News, Use Cases

How to track & measure paid content with Nudge

So, you’re probably looking for a solution, that goes above and beyond what your core analytics suite has offered, to track and measure your sponsored content. And this is exactly what Nudge has built, a purpose built toolkit for tracking, measuring and optimizing your paid [native] content. Traditional analytics have been built for optimizing websites, […] Read More

by , December 8, 2015

This Week in Native Ads

This Week in Native Ads 12/4

Campaign of the Week: LIFEHACKER GIFT GUIDE Source: Gawker Why we like it: Struggling with what to get a DIYer for Christmas? This gift guide presented by Philips Norelco in Gawker, gives you a few tips on the perfect gift for your lifehacker friend. It includes a list of nifty toolkits and smart products, presented with linked […] Read More

by , December 3, 2015


This Week in Native Ads 11/27

Campaign of the Week: 11 Reasons Black Friday Is An Actual Workout Source: Buzzfeed Why we like it: Afraid you will feel bad after eating all that food on Thursday? Don’t worry, Buzzfeed gives you 11 reasons why Black Friday is a real work out with this sponsored post by Pedialyte. Quote of the Week Publishers say […] Read More

by , November 25, 2015