Native influencer content campaigns
Native influencer content campaigns

Over the past few years there’s been a surge in influencer marketing.
Working with influencers is a great way for brands to cut-through the noise and reach audiences that trust the influencer and in turn their recommendations. It’s also relatively inexpensive and has global reach.
According to a recent study, 91% of Millennials and Gen-X’ers trust online reviews, whilst 83% of Baby Boomers also trust and rely on these reviews, which shows the direct impact influencers can have on their audiences.
But there are still challenges in this space; marketers are operating in the dark without data, and Nudge’s role here is to surface the data so you can understand what’s working.
In this piece we will cover the value of influencer content campaigns, along with challenges, tactics, KPI’s and watch-outs.
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Why Choose Influencer Content Campaigns?

At Nudge, we’ve seen incredible success across blogger campaigns.
These content campaigns tend to be more agile; a lot of the time publishers have really set ways of doing things and as soon as distribution is put in place, they won’t want to mess around with it – but influencer campaigns are really flexible that way.
Most often, Bloggers don’t over-engineer their content, they do what it says on the label, which generally comes out in formats such as articles and/or photo galleries. The point is that as a brand, you know what you’ll get and it’s quick and pain-free to make any necessary changes.
As opposed to with a publisher, brands will receive a direct connection with the influencer’s audience, which is based on loyalty and trust; it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with an already loyal audience and have them see your brand in the same light as their influencer. Often this comes through in comments, where bloggers can connect with their audience and help build social sentiment.
Blogger influencer working with brand for a native content campaign

Tactically Avoid Common Influencer Challenges

Challenge 1. Using influencers for specific audiences
Using bloggers for specific audiences is helpful for brands when it comes to raising their profiles. The Nudge Overlap feature helps brands understand if they have any issues with overlapping audiences, i.e. the same audiences between multiple influencers, and can thereby determine which bloggers that is providing the highest quality and who to back (get in touch if you’d like to know more).
For example, during a recent campaign, a client of ours were trying to reach a specific city and found out that 82% were within their targeted city, which enabled them to tweak their distribution and optimize their reach.
Challenge 2. Distribution Sources
If a brand’s not going through a bloggers network, they really need to keep an eye on distribution.
They need to be careful about which distribution sources they opt for, as the wrong choice can really hurt their efforts. So it’s important that brands understand how people are arriving at their content (social or direct are sources you’ll want to see).
A good tactic of getting in front of an audience is using paid distribution, as it allows brands to control and ensure the right audience are seeing it.
Nudge can verify that you’re getting people in in the right area. Get in touch to learn how.
Challenge 3. Share Copy
One of the challenges can be that there are more things that can go wrong – like a non-existent social headline, or that the text reads ‘example example’.
For example, Nudge helped Bloggers Club measure 30 content pieces and ensure that their content was performing. For those that didn’t, Bloggers Club could push back on them to optimize share copy that wasn’t working to make sure they reached a positive ROI.

The Most Important Influencer KPI’s

Brands need to set a goal for how many to reach with their campaign. It’s impossible to compare an influencer with a publisher such as WSJ when it comes to reach, they have a small niche audience so you need to be up front about your objectives.
Distribution is key here; a solid strategy will ensure you get better reach and retain its quality.
Social Engagement
This is a common influencer KPI. Brands want to know that people are talking about their products.
The Nudge Benchmark tells our clients to expect a social engagement of above 20%
Brands need to watch out for earned impressions, as this metric shows that people are sharing their content and people come back to read it. Social Engagement and Earned Impressions go hand in hand. We’ve seen where earned impressions make up 60-70% of the social reach, which shows how essential this is as a KPI and how impactful influencer campaigns can be.
Conversion rate
People are going to want to go into a store with an idea of what they’d like to buy, so their first step tends to be online research. So it’s essential to put conversion pixels on a brand’s home page, product page or other.
The metrics also serves to inform brands of which influencer that’s driving purchase intent, meaning budgets can be adjusted, and they’ll know who to work with in the future.
Conversion rate is a great additional metric which proves a campaign’s success. The Nudge Benchmark shows that brands should be seeing av average of 1-3% conversion on their content.



  • It’s important to keep an eye on distribution and understand how people are arriving at your content. When it comes to distribution, give influencers a budget for social promotion, not toward banner ads on their blog as they already have a solid audience. And don’t put the same distribution behind every influencer, look for quality and adjust accordingly.

  • Ensure social shares are of the highest quality, that the headlines and images are looking good, as it’s an important way to pull in more traffic.

  • Bloggers might be slick content creators, but they’re not always experienced in creating content for brands. Ask for content examples.

Stop operating in the dark.
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