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Identify the levers to improve your ROI

For content-first brands, take control of your brand tech stack and gain transparency in to how your content marketing and branded content/native advertising drive business outcomes.

We provide reliable, transparent data to the complex nature of content marketing

Use cases

Improve efficiency

Get smarter

  • Build your own benchmarks.
  • Spend less time in the data, more time on the content.
  • Share insights with your team.

Save time and money

  • Automated insights.
  • Unified measurement from paid to owned content.
  • Post-click optimization.

Improve ROI

  • Measuring the right things.
  • Benchmarks to contextualize performance.
  • Attribution.

Things you can measure

Native Display
Native Display

How does pricing work?

A simple platform fee that scales based on traffic volume.

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Solutions by job function

Learn how Nudge adds value to your specific job function.

  • Unified metrics to help you understand what content, traffic sources, creatives, headlines and partners that drive the best results.
  • Powerful English language insights and analysis, updated in real-time, can save you hours of analysis in trying to understand and report on content performance. Here is an example.
  • Our data can be ingested any number of ways: API, data drops, CSV, dashboard integrations.
  • As content turns to advertising it’s different than editorial, and should be measured as such. We provide unified metrics to help you understand what content, traffic sources, creatives, headlines and partners that drive the best results.
  • We’ve built a full stack of measurement capabilities, that can help you focus on the metrics that matter, and help you report on them to your clients.
  • Use the Nudge stack with your existing tools with our integrations.
  • The thesis of Nudge is simple - we help marketers save time and cut down on process for when content becomes advertising. That means the right metrics, capabilities to pull in all formats (including from walled gardens), and ease of implementation.
  • All clicks are not equal, and our proprietary Attention measurement will allow you to collect data on post-click consumption of Content.
  • Marketers using our content measurement & intelligence platform on average see a 20% uplift in content ROI.


  • Optimize campaigns instantly through actionable data.
  • Pick out the best performing device / source / content / partner.
  • Adjust budgets based on data, for greater ROI.
  • Helps establish KPIs that are inline with your industry.
  • Understand how you stack up against the competition.
  • Identify performance/improvements areas for future campaigns.
  • Enables marketers to optimize based on data, not just on "gut feel".
  • Delivers great sound bites throughout a campaign.
  • Saves advertisers time and money.
  • Understand the contribution of content to conversion.
  • Strategically figure out where to spend time and resources.
  • Removes unknowns in your campaigns to learn what is/isn’t working.
  • Enables marketers to optimize distribution based on consumer behavior.
  • Equips marketers with the tools to understand the value of a source.
  • Helps navigate all distribution to easily get to the best insights.
  • Streamlines all the moving parts in a campaign.
  • Picks up on simple mistakes that can become costly.
  • Helps marketers sleep at night.
Publisher Features


Built for marketers to address a gap: better workflow, reporting and optimization for content.


Bidtellect users can now optimize native distribution to Nudge metrics.


Buy (or sell) content via BrandVerge and have it verified by Nudge.


Nudge tags can be fired in parallel with your DCM tags simplifying the setup.


Optimize Facebook to Nudge metrics like scroll and attention.


Optimize your Facebook video campaigns with metrics such as completion rates, attention minutes & favorability.


Optimize your Instagram video campaigns with metrics such as completion rates, attention minutes & favorability.

Why Content?

In a marketing world of bits and bytes - the only thing that stands out is the message. The content.

  • 63% of consumers agree that personal, relevant content improves how they feel about the brand associated with it - Reuters study.
  • Two-thirds of consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising - Time Inc. study.
  • The average piece of native content earns 48 seconds of attention, which is more than the average TV commercial - Nudge benchmarks

Why Nudge?

We are the domain experts, content is our focus, we thing of it as served up on a silver platter. We provide your teams with the right tools to drive calue and scale from your investments.

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We are value chain friendly

Nudge works at each part of the content value chain, from internal teams, agencies and content partners. Using Nudge allows you to gain full transparency through the stack.

The balance of art and science

Content at its best, blends the world's of art and science. On the one hand, you need the most creative minds to create the most gripping content, but you also need unified, reliable and transparent data to truly understand what pushes customers buttons. By combining art with science, you have a clear competitive advantage.

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